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What You Need to Know About the Ark server!

Discussion in 'Info' started by javcov, Mar 29, 2017.

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  1. javcov

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    To join the server you must first be accepted into 1 of 2 tribes, Red or Blue both of witch are evenly organised, then after you have been assigned to a tribe you must be added to the tribe by the tribe admins.

    Until you are level 25 you may hangout/live at the tribe meeting hall/spawn collecting and and building up the base and saving up resources after level 25 you must move out and make your own base/out post for your tribe.

    You may trade items and dinos between your tribe lets say you set your outpost up in an aria rich with metal where as your tribe mate is in an aria that spawns spino's and he has a few, you can trade him the metal for one of his spino's.

    Looting may be done at any of the enemy tribes outposts, however there are some guidelines to follow if it looks like someone has only just started building there base and haven't got anything, leave him be I'm sure there is a better base nearby for you to raid, also don't raid you own team it will only help the other team gain ground even if his gun looks bigger and more shiny.

    Pvp while is aloud there are a few times when it is not, while a player is legitimately trying to tame a strong dino any thing rex and bigger, if you or they are under level 25, or if they are in there tribe meeting hall/spawn,

    Need Backup:
    If you find the location you picked is a raid hot spot you could always move, or you can rally your tribe together and do a sweep of the aria and clear nearby outposts to slow the raids down

    Because there are only 2 tribes you will have quite a few allies this dose not mean you all make a mega base, no you can work in groups of 2 per outpost and plus if your more spread out you can gain more resources together,
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