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staff/builder application

Discussion in 'Staff Application' started by ericio9, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. ericio9

    ericio9 Steakett


    IGN: ericio9

    Age: 16

    How long have you been on this server: i have not been on this server very long i started the same day i applied because i want to become staff n some kind of server and i hope this is the server, i've already been a trainer on many servers and i noticed that staff always helped me with my problems so now i wanna repay the favor and help trainers with any issues or problems they may have and help stop the evil people who use hacks for pixelmon.

    Discord/skype: they are both mightypanic

    What will u do if someone advertises another server: id tell them to please stop advertising another server and if they do not then i will /mute them and tell the owner about this to see what he or she would like to do about it.

    Why you want to be staff:id like to be staff because as i said before staff are nice people who help out the server but more importanty the trainers of they have any problems with say glitches or there battles glitch and they need a /endbattle.

    Why you want to be a builder: i am very creative and you can say i think out of the box and i enjoy building some awesome creations here are just a few of them i made not to long ago. http://ericio9.imgur.com/

    How often can u be on the server: i can be on the server basically everyday monday and thursday 4-9pm central time tuesday and wednesday 7-9:30pm (ct) saturday 11am-1pm 6-11pm or later on that day if u need me, sunday 1-10 if you need me on that much that day but i also like to play other games so the times on friday saturday and sunday may change a bit but i will for sure be on at 3 hours everyday.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this, i hope i'm the candidate you will choose thanks and have an awesome day:Shamefullyembarrased:.

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